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Want more customers? A potential new client is planning to open a new local business asked me what they should do first to start marketing the business on the Internet.

I told them to claim and verify their free Google My Business listing.

A Google My Business listing is critical for any local business looking for new customers. Period. It's more important than having a website, IMHO. When people search for a business in their local area 99% of the time the top results are businesses' GMB listing.

A well optimized Google My Business will include your business information such as phone number, hours, location, service areas, products and photos. It also enables you to create a free website, publish posts, answer questions, messaging and most importanly - customers can leave a review of your company.

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There are about 20 absolutely necessary databases where you can set up free local business profiles on top rated sites such as Google My Business, Google Maps, Bing Places, Google My Business or Yelp! For Business. You can write a keyword-rich and optimized profile and business descriptions and often options to add videos and photos. All with links back to your website that sends signals to Google that says "Hey these places think I important and am relevant". Send me an email and Local Search Marketing Strategy I will send you my list of 'must be'  business hubs and their website links.

Where a search starts, continues to influence how well a business may rank and with about 50% of search queries being four words or longer and by adding your location to your keywords you can bring in additional leads. 86% of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps so it's critical to optimize your content to the areas you service. This makes finding the local-based keywords for your business increasingly more important. Keyword research and keyword optimization are critical and make a mental note that most users aren’t searching for simple terms - they’re searching for something very specific, what we call “long-tail keywords.” Your content needs to reflect this intent.

Here's an example that we can build on: best plumbers, best plummers near me, best plumbers in Plantation, best plumbers in 33324. As you can see, the more specific details you provide allows you to capture leads from specific cities and zip codes. Location based marketing is a wise use of your money that gets you leads and new customers. Local search marketing includes maximizing your Internet presence and search engine rankings by using local search directories, mass content creation and distribution, social profiles, business profiles, videos and much, much more.

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For any local business wanting to improve their search rankings needs to be on Google Maps and learning how to optimize for Google, 'near me' searches is critical for new customer acquisition, like "search engine optimization companies near me". Another variation of the "near me" tactic is to add your city name to the end of your keywords. And, if you draw customers from a large geographic area you can add zips codes like "local search marketing company near 33324"

Learn more by calling (954) 306-9699. Green Melon Marketing is a local search marketing company that is getting new customers for small businesses nationwide. Let us help you with your Local Internet Marketing and we'll assist you in getting leads through local search, video, and mobile marketing optimization

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Why do you need to be on page one of Google and other search engines?

  • 91% of all clicks come from the top 10 search results
  • 54% of consumers are searching on a smartphone
  • 60% of all clicks occur in the top three organic search results
  • 80% of consumers do not click on the ads
  • 50% of all Google searches are location-based buyers looking for local businesses

Local search marketing can get you higher rankings on the local search results generating more clicks, calls, and visits to your business.

As a local business owner you may be glad to learn that using search engine optimization, search engine, and social media marketing can be low cost, yet effective methods of weaving your business’ own ‘web’ required to attract the attention of new customers and search engines in your local service area.

Get to the Top of Google with Local Search Marketing Companies

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